An interior designer in London needs to know on how to design and co ordinate the open space of a house or office, so that they all blend together perfectly. Interior design in London is now becoming a big business and interior designers in London are now required to have some qualifications in order to work in this profession. There are some principles this line of work uses to ensure that the job is done perfectly and they are as follows:

 • There should be emphasis
This principle has to do with focal points. A focal point is considered the visual center of the room and is usually attractive. Boredom is an enemy to interior design and in order to eliminate it focal points are put in place to provide emphasis. Interior designers in London would make sure that a room has a few focal points to make it stand out.

• There should be balance
Balance has more to do with the visual weight of a room. It involves distributing the visual weight equally in the room. This can be achieved through symmetry, asymmetry and radial style. Symmetry is when room mirrors each other to create an aesthetically pleasing look. Asymmetry involves using furniture or architecture that carries visual weight, this furniture can be arranged differently in opposite sides of the room to bring an appealing look to the room. Radial symmetry is created mostly by using stair cases and ceiling fixtures. It can also be created using furniture that is round, circular rugs or curved sofas.
• There should be contrast
This involves using shapes and colors to make the room lively. It is this principle that is used by an interior designer in London to make the room not look flat and create a look that places emphasis on the focal points. The use of positive and negative spaces is also employed to avoid making the room look uniform. A positive space has colorful decorations and furniture and makes the room feel comfortable and lively while a negative space helps in providing focus for your furniture, it is large areas of empty space in the room.
• There should be rhythm
Simply put is the visual flow of a room, this means a person can look across the room without noticing any imbalances in the design. Interior design in London employs this principle to make a room look wonderful. It can be achieved through repeated use of some furniture or decoration, by alternating the furniture or decor elements, or placing the elements based on some progressions format such as small to big furniture.
• There should be scale and unity
Simply put scale involves making sure that the different elements of the decoration are of the same scale to ensure that they don’t cancel out the other design aspects of the room. Unity is making sure that every item in the room draws together to add to the overall design.