Interior designer London is not only a thriving economy, but a small micro-culture for those interested including interior designers in London,people just genuinely interested in the field and people studying interior design in London.

There are many famous interior design schools in London, including KLC School of design and Royal College of Art. If you are looking for an interior designer in London the chances are they would of studied at one of the main schools like these, or the University of the Arts and Regents university.Aspiring interior designers in London study in two different types of institution. The Royal College of Art and the University of the Arts are both schools that offer course on a wide variety of different subjects, including interior design as one of it’s chosen forms of art.The degree or qualification an interior designer in London will achieve will be no different or more or less commended than one they would get in a specific design school.

On the other hand, there are schools which are solely for the purpose of design, like KLC and the Interior Design School. For anyone looking to gain work out of their interior design qualifications, they will need a degree like a BA hons to actually find work at a reputable establishment.

There are plenty of ways these colleges offer students to get their teeth into design. Interior design degrees will often share modules with more niche design degrees, like Product Design. Most interior design schoolsapartment-interior-designer-london now also make massive use of technology available and it would not be unheard of to do most of your coursework online, and learn quite a bit of 3D autocad during your course. Before picking a course in interior design it is a good idea to be mindful about how literate on a computer you are.

While there are lots of places around the UK, like Birmingham and Manchester that offer interior design courses (, London is one of the best hubs for really hands on learning as so many UK companies that offer work experience are based in the UK’s capital. There are also plenty of buildings like ‘The Shard’ around for inspiration on your way to Uni.