Rattan is usually used as outdoor furniture. However, as it is very versatile, its use within the home has become increasingly popular, especially when teamed with wooden furniture. Many interior designers in London are now incorporating the rattan and wooden look into every room in the home. Below we share some ideas from the top interior designers in London, so that you can create this fashionable look within your own home.

Living room

Rattan and wooden furniture work very well together in the living room. The beauty of rattan is that it can be painted and stained, just as you would do to wood. Many interior design in London professionals choose rattan for this very reason, as it is incredibly versatile. It works so well with natural wood. Rattan chairs that have been painted a pale blue can be teamed with a pale wooden coffee table.



Rattan furniture probably looks most at home in the conservatory. An interior designer in London, often likes to team rustic rattan chairs and sofas with cute glass coffee tables, to create an airy and light feeling to the conservatory. Again, the rattan can be stained to the colour of you choosing.


Surprisingly, many interior design in London professionals incorporate rattan furniture into the kitchen. Rattan works particularly well as seats that are featured on tall wooden stools, especially when they have been stained a pale colour. Rattan chairs also look stunning when sat around a kitchen island.

Dining Room

Within the dining room, the interior designer in London will use rattan in order to give the illusion of space and light. This works particularly well if you have a small or darkly lit room. Rattan chairs placed around a wooden table, look simply stunning.


The bedroom must also not be forgotten when introducing rattan furniture. Many beds are now made of this material, and have been beautifully painted to match the rest of the bedroom d├ęcor. Rattan an also be used as a small bed side table.

Teaming your favourite wood with an assortment of rattan furniture is one sure way in which to brighten your home.